Campers didn’t just exist since the 70s.

Campers have always existed. But they were often named differently. Like this almost 100-year-old “mobile landuah” from 2022. At that time, of course, without its own power supply, but already with heating, a kitchen, 3 rooms and flower boxes. We can also make such a vehicle self-sufficient. Can you imagine […]

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Rügen, Croatia and Greece

What looks like camperlife is more of a short break. On our journey to the best camper app, our paths lead us to Rügen, Greece and Croatia. We are looking forward to August 28th when we will show you our flygge navigation and our flygge SmartMobileHome for your smart camper […]

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What does flygge have to do with Wismar?

Admittedly, our goal of bringing caravanning, SmartHome and environmental protection together is demanding and challenging. Nevertheless, we consider this triad to be absolutely necessary if we want to continue to live out our passion. We want to find the best minds to implement our ideas. Our search leads us to […]

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There it is, our first prototype

On the website of the magazine “Promobil” I’m reading: “You have to deal with the technology in the mobile home, then it’s not that difficult”. At flygge, we see things differently. Good technology does not require “dealing with” but works automatically and self-explanatory. And we already prove that with our […]

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