Our logo is here

After we had already spent some time finding a name, the logo went a little faster. But actually we were done with the website before then. But that’s the way it has to be. And now for everyone who is wondering what we were thinking with the logo, here are […]

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Become a pilot customer now

We want to test and further develop our flygge platform with as many of you as possible. As a pilot customer and tester, you not only benefit from an intelligent and smart system for your caravan, which simplifies use and increases the resale value, you also receive exclusive and diverse […]

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flygge flies

Finding a name was almost more difficult than developing the entire platform. But now they have fled thanks to flygge. Even if it doesn’t sound like it, it’s a made-up word as far as we’ve been able to research. But it says a lot. On the one hand, it is […]

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It starts

The development goes on and on and at some point the decision had to be made whether we wanted to do it just for ourselves or for a lot of people. This decision has now been made: The feedback from caravan users and owners, from camping enthusiasts, journalists and friends […]

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market research

At the CMT Stuttgart we looked around at what the others were doing in the field of intelligent caravans and found that there was no consistent intelligent networking platform for caravans. Not only that, our focus from the beginning was on security and surveillance and we realized that we were […]

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Our first prototypes

With the help of standard components, we developed the first prototypes and considered the most important functionalities in exchange with other campervan owners. And we were very happy when everything worked, the caravan sent information and we were able to call it up on a smartphone.

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The first idea of a networked caravan

Once again we returned a bit disillusioned from our caravan holiday. Because our current model of a camping bus was expensive, but could only drive well and offered us a familiar home. But we didn’t have up-to-date information on the vehicle’s condition, nor did we have innovative controls, not to […]

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Smart Mobile Home

Flygge turns your caravan into a smart mobile home. We are developing a complete, safe, intelligent and convenient networked platform for all caravans, camper vans and other “mobile homes”

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