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Motorhome navigation easier than ever

Find the most beautiful routes, the best places and the loneliest routes

Today, anyone who wants to navigate their RV has a choice between free run-of-the-mill apps or expensive specialty apps with way too many features that aren’t useful for most campers. flygge is different: The first RV navigation app geared towards easy travel. Thanks to own camper dimensions, live traffic or the special route guidance especially for your camper, flygge makes it easy for you to get to your destination.

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Navigation by campers for campers

Make your next motorhome trip a unique experience thanks to the flygge RV navigation app. Bring your travel plans to life with the easy-to-use Camper Navi app.

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Avoid tight corners

motorhome navigation with flygge optionally avoids tight curves.

Camper mit Foto verwalten
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Manage campers with photo

Personalize your profile with a photo of your camper and make navigation an experience for you.

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The navigation app for motorhomes

Motorhomes need a special form of navigation, after all, they are not ordinary vehicles. Because we at flygge know this, we decided to develop a navigation app exclusively for the needs of motorhome and caravan owners. Thanks to the use of the real dimensions of your motorhome, we can avoid tight turns, choose special routes and get you to your destination safely and easily.

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RVs navigate differently and flygge knows how.

Individual travel by motor home has experienced a real boom in recent years. Often, those new to this form of vacation find that traveling in such a vehicle is different and requires a different navigation system. Because quickly the curve is too tight or the tunnel too low. With flygge, these fears are a thing of the past.

Every time just before Easter also unofficially begins the season of motorhomes and caravans. Besides the question of where to go, there is the question of how to get there. Because traveling by motorhome is different. It requires better and more accurate navigation. Many of the traditional apps can’t do that.

flygge has recognized this and offers an easy-to-use navigation solution for motorhomes and campervans with the flygge app. The special? A navigation with the exact dimensions of your own vehicle. In this way, fears of roads that are too small and narrow or tunnels that are too low are a thing of the past.

In addition, the flygge navigation app also offers familiar features such as live traffic, 3D navigation or turn-by-turn route guidance. By taking into account the individual dimensions of an RV, navigating for these vehicles has never been easier, based on the latest map material from HereMaps.

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