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Frequently Asked Questions

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Which campers are supported?

We are currently working with some manufacturers to make the new models work automatically with flygge. Until then, unfortunately, some manual work is called for. But we are happy to help you. So if you want to make your camper smart, send us a short message. But with the flygge box you can connect your caravan to the internet without much effort and use a number of smart features. And that works for any caravan.

I have found an error?

We are sorry for this, but it can happen. We will try to fix the error as soon as possible. Just send us a screenshot using the form below.

What does flygge actually mean?

flygge is an artificial word. It associates growing up and the urge for freedom and at the same time refers to the Nordic hygge, which means happiness or coziness. So if you’re feeling flygge, enjoy the freedom of simplicity. And then we did our job well.

How much does flygge cost?

The standard version of the app is free of charge. This allows you to easily navigate without entering your camper dimensions. If you decide to take out a subscription, you will receive navigation based on the dimensions of your motorhome and a number of other functions. Going forward, the new features will only be available to subscribers, although the free version will continue to improve.

Why are all features not yet available?

flygge is a young startup. We are working with all our departments to provide all the features you have requested. So just download the current version and look forward to the upcoming updates.

Is there an Android version?

Currently we only have a version for iOS. But we are working on providing one for Android as well. So just wait, for the new season you can also use flygge with Android.

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