What does flygge have to do with Wismar?

What does flygge have to do with Wismar?

Admittedly, our goal of bringing caravanning, SmartHome and environmental protection together is demanding and challenging. Nevertheless, we consider this triad to be absolutely necessary if we want to continue to live out our passion. We want to find the best minds to implement our ideas. Our search leads us to Wismar. Because caravanning is lived and understood in this beautiful holiday region.

We are pleased that we are supported in Wismar by the newly founded digitization center “INNOVATIONPORT” . Thanks to the team from Innovationport Wismar, especially to Doreen Heydenbluth-Peters and Prof. Matthias Wißotzki, who offer us a platform for our path to sustainable caravanning.

Here you can feel the spirit of the Mecklenburg startup scene. The Ostsee Zeitung also reported extensively on this.


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