How does the campervan become a company car?

How does the campervan become a company car?

After the customer appointment or at the trade fair, do not stay overnight in an anonymous hotel, but in your own camper. Sounds wonderful? It is.

There is plenty of storage space for documents and demonstration technology, you always have your office with you and you can arrive comfortably the evening before. There are also chilled drinks and – last but not least – your own bed. At trade fairs, the hotel costs 🏨 add up to a monumental amount.💰

However, there are a few things to consider here in order not to experience a nasty surprise at the tax office. In principle, you can allow a camper as a company vehicle with the 1% rule. The tax offices are having a hard time with the classification. A deeper examination is welcome here. Here are a few tips on what to keep in mind:

➡️ Keep a logbook

➡️ Save emails about customer appointments, trade fair tickets, etc. for the trip

➡️ Ask a tax consultant or the responsible tax office


In addition, you should note:

➡️ Determine power consumption for laptop and mobile phone and check whether the battery can do it.

➡️ Check if you can charge the laptop while standing. Many mobile homes do not have a 230V converter.

➡️ Don’t fill up the water tank, just fill it up for the travel time. If the water does run out, you can find the precious liquid in every cemetery.


Have you already had experience? 👍👎

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